May 18, 2024

The Colel Chabad Pushka

Tzedakah means giving money to the needy of Israel, and it is a powerful activity that can help someone in their moment of crisis. It can affect someone’s mood or change their attitude toward life completely.

Frequent tzedakah, such as a daily or weekly coin into a tzedakah box, known as a pushka, before lighting the Shabbat candles, is a core part of Jewish tradition. The act of giving is important. Regardless of how many donations you make, frequent acts of kindness are meaningful. 

What is Tzedakah?

Tzedakah means giving money to the needy and is a charitable act that is typically seen as a moral obligation because it is the right thing to do. Judaism emphasizes this concept as an important part of spiritual living.

Besides making donations, examples of tzedakah include volunteering at a soup kitchen that feeds the hungry or visiting the elderly or sick. Money donated from tzedakah can go towards medical expenses, education, and food.

Pushka, The Tzedakah Box

The concept of the household and office pushka was an innovation of Colel Chabad, the oldest and one of the most well-known Israeli charities. It has been a tradition for over two centuries. You might have a tzedakah box in the kitchen, at your office, in the study, and in each child’s bedroom.

The pushka provides a constant reminder of the needs of other people and the essential role we can play in helping someone alleviate hunger or through a crisis. The concept of a tzedakah box is so important that many people say it will help your business thrive.

Order Your Free Pushka

You can order a free Colel Chabad pushka at no charge. Fill out our form, and we will send you one or more ASAP.

When your pushka gets heavy, empty it and send a check for the total amount. Then, you can start over because tzedakah is a forever act.


Yizkor Donation

בַּעֲבוּר שֶׁבְּלִי נֶדֶר אֶתֵּן צְדָקָה