July 23, 2024

A growing network of daycare centers

means love for the children and peace of mind for their working moms.

After School Programs

Colel Chabad has identified 350 families in poverty-stricken Safed that are unable to care properly for their children.

Colel Chabad’s three after-school programs enjoy an enviable track record of caring for these most disadvantaged and at-risk children. Here these children receive the love and attention they need to achieve academic, social and emotional success.

Colel Chabad’s after school programs begin immediately after the school day ends, starting with a hot, nutritious meal.  At 7:00 PM each child is personally escorted home after taking a hot shower and being given a sandwich and fruit for breakfast the following morning.

The dedicated staff of educators and counselors provide them with tutoring, help with their homework, enrichment activities, and personal counseling with the house mother in order to bolster their self-confidence and mitigate their feelings of worthlessness and self-doubt.

It takes very special men and women to make programs like this work. Warehousing at-risk children is easy. The real challenge is nurturing them back to emotional health — even for the most dedicated professionals — and requires a high ratio of staff to children.

After School Program at a Glance:
  • Established in 2008
  • Number of  volunteers: 9
  • Children helped: 571

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