July 24, 2024

A growing network of daycare centers

means love for the children and peace of mind for their working moms.

Daycare Centers

The key to survival for many families – especially those without a father – is the ability of the mother to hold down a job. This is significant both for economic reasons and as a matter of personal dignity and pride.

Yet, without proper daycare for infants and pre-schoolers, employment for struggling mothers would be impossible. And the most important factor in such daycare is peace of mind, mothers feeling secure that their children are being properly cared for with boundless love and nutritious hot meals.

Colel is at the vanguard of daycare for the children of working moms with its growing Larissa Blavatnik Network of Daycare Centers for the children of female headed households and parents who subsist on minimum wages.  These daycare centers accept children without regard to background, affiliation, or degree of religious observance.  The sole criteria is need.


  • The Myra York Daycare Center – Afula
  • The Stieglitz Educational Campus – Ashdod
  • The Luxenberg Early Childhood Center – Ashdod
  • The Chaya Mushka Day Care Center – Ashkelon
  • The Steve Kramer Day Care Center – Beitar
  • The Barry and Miriam Menin Early Childhood Center – Beitar
  • Bigman Family Day Care Center – Karmiel
  • The Fisher Family Early Childhood Center – Karmiel
  • Shmuel Issac Popack Early Childhood Center – Kfar Chabad
  • The Fruchter Daycare Center – Kiryat Bialik
  • Hayim Mordehai Kohen z”l Day Care Center – Lod
  • The Luxenberg Daycare Center – Migdal Haemek
  • The Ateret Rus Day Care Center at the 100 Mile Man Day Care Center – Rishon LeZion
  • The Chaya Mushka Day Care Center – Safed
  • The Luxenberg Daycare Center – Sderot
  • The York Family Daycare Center – Yavne
The Larissa Blavatnik Daycare Network at a Glance:

Number of locations: 16
Number of children: 970


  • Afula
  • Migdal Haemek
  • Kiryat Bialik
  • Ashdod (2)
  • Ashkelon
  • Rishon LeZion
  • Kfar Chabad
  • Beitar (2)
  • Safed
  • Sderot
  • Lod
  • Karmiel (2)
  • Yavne

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