July 19, 2024

Colel Chabad Offers Support to Families of Nave Yakov Terror Attack Victims with Free Meals

In the wake of the recent terror attack in Nave Yakov, Colel Chabad has stepped up to support the affected families. Offering free meals to help alleviate some of the burdens for those who have lost loved ones or are struggling in the aftermath of the tragedy.

Founded over 250 years ago, Colel Chabad has a long history of providing aid and assistance to those in need in communities throughout Israel. In the wake of the Nave Yakov attack, the organization sprang into action, quickly organizing a program to deliver meals to families affected by the tragedy.

Mendi Blau, Director of Operations in Israel and resident of Neve Yakov, said, “It is our duty as a community to come together and support those affected by this terrible act of violence. Providing free meals is one small way to help ease their burden and let them know they are not alone.”

The program has received widespread support from the community, with local volunteers coming forward to help with meal delivery. Thanks to the efforts of Colel Chabad and its supporters, affected families are receiving hot, nutritious meals. This provides a much-needed source of comfort during this difficult time.

At a time when so much darkness and sadness descended on Nave Yakov, Colel Chabad is a shining example of the compassion and generosity found in the human spirit. The organization demonstrates that love and kindness can conquer even the greatest of evils by offering free meals to the families of terror victims.


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