julio 17, 2024

Cuando el Rebe ordenó hacer una llamada urgente desde el Ohel

During Pesach in 1942 (5702), amidst the backdrop of World War II, the Frierdiker Rebbe delivered a poignant address, acknowledging the profound suffering. He referred to these turbulent times as the “birth pangs of the Moshiach,”. Urging unity and fortification of Yiddishkeit, he established “Chevras Mishnayos Ba’al Peh” within the organization “Machaneh Yisrael.” Shortly after […]

El impacto de Colel Chabad en los sobrevivientes del Holocausto

Israel’s Yediot Ahronot newspaper published today a heartwarming article about Colel Chabad’s Get Chesed Program, in which college students regularly visit and befriend elderly Holocaust survivors. These visits take place every Friday, during which the students bring Shabbat food and spend quality time with their new friends. It’s a wonderful program that fosters intergenerational connections […]

Gala Miami 2023

Colel Chabad honró a Jason Arison, presidente de la Fundación Ted Arison, por su innovación en nutrición infantil en Israel.


Donación Yizkor

בַּעֲבוּר שֶׁבְּלִי נֶדֶר אֶתֵּן צְדָקָה