July 20, 2024

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Beis Finger MS Residence & Rehabilitation Center

Located at 79 Rashi Street in central Jerusalem and standing on 1,900 square meters of land, the building footprint is 693 square meters (approximately 7,000 square feet).

This leaves a sizeable amount of land for beautiful landscaping, providing ample space to incorporate a fully handicapped accessible horticultural therapy park, as well as a private space for patients and visitors to enjoy the outdoor weather.

This location is particularly suitable as it is accessible from all over the Central Region by public and private transport. At the same time, it is situated in a quiet residential neighborhood, offering surroundings that are especially beneficial to the needs of the residents with these physical disabilities.

Collage of Photos with People with Multiple Sclerosis at the Beis Finger MS Residence and Rehabilitation Center

The new facility’s services and programs includes: full-service residential care, food services, laundry service, therapy-rehabilitation, social workers, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, cognitive therapy, easy access to computers with a specialized keyboard and mouse, group therapy, holistic therapy, innovative horticultural garden therapy, art therapy, music therapy, an occupational program, a Synagogue, and a study hall.

The Center’s operating budget is covered entirely by the Israeli government through the Ministry of Social Welfare. However, the cost of acquisition and construction are entirely dependent upon Colel Chabad, its donors, and supporting foundations.

Considering its location, its 24/7 activities, the Center is a central hub of Chesed.

Additionally, it serves as an ideal meeting place for Colel Chabad and its supporters. An appropriate memorial would be affixed both to the exterior and interior of the building.

Beis Finger Phase II

Utilizing “air rights” of the existing building will add 20,860 sq. feet of floor space and will house an additional 26 residents as well as four units for families.

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