May 18, 2024

Nutrition is our
number one priority.

Because no child, no senior citizen, no new immigrant, no man or woman who is down on their luck should ever go hungry.

Nutrition Security

Colel Chabad, in partnership with the Joint Distribution Committee, has been designated by the Israeli Government to take charge of eliminating hunger among Israel’s neediest. This nationwide undertaking is now in its sixth year, with 239 municipalities included. The program provides for the chronically dysfunctional, while empowering others to take control of their lives and achieve nutritional independence.

Woman Playing the Piano to Children at Colel Chabad Childcare Center

Daycare Centers

Daycare for infants and toddlers is critical for young widows and poor working mothers who need quality care for their children…

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No data was found A gift of any size provides food, love and comfort to Colel Chabad’s neediest 

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Widows and Orphans

The Torah places special emphasis on widows and orphans. Which is why they are our #1 priority DONATE NOW Widows and Orphans Charity Colel Chabad takes a holistic approach to the needs of

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Grabski Medical Center

Grabski Medical Center

Colel Chabad’s Grabski Medical Center in Safed is a full service medical clinic providing primary care for families in one of Israel’s poorest cities with a huge juvenile population…

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Person with Multiple Sclerosis at the Colel Chabad MS Rehabilitation Center

The Finger Residence Hall

Colel Chabad’s Finger Center in Jerusalem, is at the global forefront of therapy and rehabilitation for victims of Multiple Sclerosis, CP, and other degenerative neurological disorders…

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Dentist Providing Dental Treatment to Patient

Dental Clinics

Thousands of poor and near poor Israelis are finally able to get cutting-edge dental care thanks to Colel Chabad’s dental clinics…

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Medical Services

Dental care, degenerative diseases chronic care — Colel Chabad fills the gaps for Israel’s poor. DONATE NOW Medical Services Israel offers outstanding medical care to all its citizens. Dental care, however, is not

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Young Girl Writing on a Chalkboard

After School Programs

Children ages 6-12 who are at risk either because of dysfunctional home life, issues with peer socialization, or serious challenges with schoolwork are referred by government agencies to one of Colel Chabad’s three after school centers…

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Special Services

Addressing a range of niche needs that are often ignored DONATE NOW Special & Seasonal Services How do the poor heat their homes? Who helps a new immigrant get started? How does an

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A growing network of daycare centers means love for the children and peace of mind for their working moms. DONATE NOW Childcare Children of poor working parents, especially single mothers, are a primary

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Who will be the future leaders of the Jewish communities in the former Soviet Union? Who will be the teachers, the rabbis, the social workers? Colel Chabad makes sure the most talented…

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Interest-Free Loans

Colel Chabad Interest-Free Loans

Sometimes the difference between chronic dependency and economic independence is nothing more than an affordable loan. And no loan is more affordable than an interest-free loan from Colel Chabad to help acquire new skills, open a small business, or simply set up a new home for a poor young couple.

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Old Woman Looking Outside the Window

Home Heating

Israeli homes are not built with central heating. And the concrete and cinderblock construction turns them into winter iceboxes. Colel Chabad provides home heating for Israel’s poorest families.

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Two People Standing Behind a Counter and Talking to a Woman

Immigrant Programs

Language programs, vocational training, assistance with housing and employment, help with schooling for children, special programs for senior citizens — all of this and more are part of Colel Chabad’s comprehensive services to new immigrants.

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Help Colel Chabad stamp out hunger among Israel’s poorest and most vulnerable… Learn more Help Colel Chabad stamp out hunger among Israel’s poorest and most vulnerable… Donate now Colel Chabad — Tzedakah Central®

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Fast Fact

22 Soup Kitchens
providing nourishing hot meals daily to over 3,400 indigent elderly and homebound
What we've accomplished with your help:

Since its founding in 1788 Colel Chabad has always placed nutrition at the top of its priorities. Today Colel Chabad operates a myriad of programs to make sure Israel’s neediest don’t go hungry. These range from our proprietary network of 22 free soup kitchens, to home delivery of hot meals to homebound seniors, to monthly food crates that provide for an entire family, to low cost supermarkets where the poor can shop while saving 40% on their purchases, to holiday food deliveries for the near poor.

What is still left to do:

There is still much to be done in order to achieve total food security for all of Israel’s poor and near poor citizens. In the coming years Colel Chabad plans to open additional subsidized supermarkets in poor neighborhoods, build additional soup kitchens for senior citizens and dysfunctional people, expand its distribution of monthly groceries to reach more needy families, and to expand its holiday food distribution program.

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