July 23, 2024

Nutrition is our number one priority.

a program that impacts on the lives of thousands households seeking to emerge from the cycle of poverty.

Non-Profit Supermarkets

Israel’s poorest families receive virtually all their food, groceries and household supplies delivered to their doors by Colel Chabad every month.   But for those who are not totally destitute — households subsisting just above the poverty line — the #1 challenge is the escalating cost of food.

Which is why Colel Chabad operates a chain of non-profit supermarkets in key markets inhabited by families such as these.

The Colel Chabad Supermarkets stock some 600 staple grocery items under generic brands which are then sold to the customer at a savings of some 46% below retail.

The quality of these products is identical to the branded goods sold elsewhere.

No questions are ever asked, in order to protect the dignity and pride of the shoppers.  The significant savings enable thousands of families to maintain a more nutritionally balanced diet, and to make sure their children are never forced to go to school (or to bed) on an empty stomach.


  • The Ades Family Market, Shammai 6, Elad
  • The Flacks Family Market, Zuheil 1, Beitar
  • The Popack Family Market, Industrial Zone 13, Tzefat
  • The Bnei Brak Market, King Solomon 31, Bnei Brak
  • The Slager Online Market, HaKatzir 3 Beer Tuvia, Kiryat Malachi
Non-Profit Supermarkets at a Glance:


  • Betar Illit
  • Bnei Brak
  • Elad
  • Kiryat Malachi
  • Safed

Total Sales 2019:
Savings: some 46%

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