July 20, 2024

Nutrition is our number one priority.

Because no child, no senior citizen, no new immigrant, no man or woman who is down on their luck should ever go hungry.

Pantry Packers

Tens of thousands of caring Jewish tourists flock to Israel every year seeking an inspiring, spiritual experience.  Colel Chabad’s Pantry Packers plant in Jerusalem adds a whole new dimension to the experience by enabling visitors of all ages to become part of its active food distribution program.

The Pantry Packers program provides visitors with a 90 minute program that begins with a video on the true meaning of Tzedakah. The volunteers then join an assembly line that bags and vacuum seals dried staples, such as beans and lentils. These are sent to the Colel Chabad food distribution warehouse to be included in the monthly food baskets distributed to needy households throughout Israel.

The program is ideal for synagogue groups, extended families celebrating a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or any tour group seeking to do something totally unique while visiting Jerusalem.

To schedule a visit, please click here.

Pantry Packers at a Glance:

Opened its doors: 2013
Location: Talpiot, Jerusalem
Total Area: 6,000 square feet

Number of visitors per session: 50
Number of visitors to date: 24,418
Bags packed to date: 630,400

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