July 19, 2024

No one should have to choose between eating and heating

Home Heating Program

The image of Israel as a warm-weather country is true… to a degree. Summers can be brutally hot and there is little rain. However the winters can be unbearable, especially indoors.  Nights can be extremely cold, and many homes are built without central heating.

This is especially true in the mountainous north and Jerusalem. What’s more, Israeli construction is basically comprised of poured concrete and stone — including the floors which provide little insulation and transmit bone-chilling cold.

For poor households, heating is unaffordable. There is no money for space heaters, let alone the fuel or electricity needed to operate them. Threadbare clothing and thin blankets are inadequate, especially for the very young and the very old.

When poor children are chronically sick, not only do they miss school and fall behind in their studies, but they are confined to their frigid homes which only aggravates the situation.

Colel Chabad’s Home Heating Program meets this challenge by providing space heaters, blankets, warm clothing, and fuel and electricity subsidies for hundreds of Israel’s poorest families.

Home Heating Program at a Glance:
Winter aid:
  • New heaters
  • Fuel and electricity subsidies
  • Warm blanket distribution
  • Warm clothing for children

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