July 23, 2024

Some people need Tzedakah. Some just need a helping hand

Colel Chabad Interest-Free GeMaCH Loans

Tzedakah is a Hebrew word that means charity and represents a gift to the needy of Israel. Chesed is an act of kindness that often transcends Tzedakah because it empowers the beneficiary to care for themself. Therefore, the Jewish tradition of GeMaCH (Gemillut Chasadim) is an interest-free loan that empowers people in need to improve their personal or professional situation without relying on predatory lending sources. Making an online donation is a way to contribute to GeMaCH and help the needy of Israel during a time of crisis.

How Does GeMaCH work?

GeMaCH loans operate in many charity organizations in Israel. The traditional GeMaCH loan extends short- or long-term loans that are interest-free and set up with easy repayment terms. Jewish charities in Israel can issue a GeMaCH loan for any need, such as:

  • a medical expense
  • an emergency loan
  • a wedding purchase
  • a purchase for your baby
  • and more. 


The size of the interest-free loan varies depending on its need and use. A GeMaCH loan can operate on a communal or an internal basis. Communal GeMaCHs come from community funds, while GeMaCHs that operate internally come from businesses, organizations, schools, and families.

Colel Chabad GeMaCHs

Colel Chabad is the oldest operating charity organization in Israel. We have several GeMaCHs that provide interest-free loans for a variety of needs. These loans provide for the needy of Israel and give them resources and tools to accomplish their goals or help them through a crisis.. 

Who Does Colel Chabad Help?

Widows and Orphans

Widows and orphans experience sudden, traumatic events that change their lives quickly. GeMaCH interest-free loans provide financial support for families to cope with these emergencies.


Interest-free loans for young couples enables newlyweds to furnish their first home together and start the first step in their new chapter of life.

New Immigrants

The Rohr Free Loan Fund helps emissaries to the FSU acquire homes.

Small Businesses

Colel Chabad provides GeMaCHs for small businesses to start or boost their business and bring their goals to life.

Donate to Colel Chabad

The funding for these GeMaCHs comes from online donations large and small. Colel Chabad circulates the money in perpetuity as interest-free loans to deserving individuals and families.  Your contribution to one of the Colel Chabad GeMaCHs is truly the gift that keeps on giving, as the repayment rate on these loans is exceptionally high and the list of people in need of such loans is exceptionally long.

Consider making a charitable contribution to Colel Chabad’s interest-free loans to help some of Israel’s neediest individuals. No matter how big or small your contribution is, your act of kindness can help a community member in need. 

We are a non-profit organization focused on providing charitable gifts for individuals and families. You can make an online donation today to show your support for our charitable organization and the needy of Israel.

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