July 13, 2024

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Colel Chabad Scholarships: Creating New Leadership for Russian-Speaking Jewry

When the Iron Curtain fell and the Soviet Union disintegrated, millions of Jews surfaced who knew little or nothing about their faith, culture, language or history.  The ongoing arrival of hundreds of thousands of Russian speaking Jews to Israel, as well as a million or more culturally at-risk Jews remaining in the former USSR, made it necessary to initiate programs that would educate and field a new generation of Russian speaking Jewish leaders and educators.

Toward this end, Colel Chabad created the Fenya Krugman Jewish Women’s Leadership Institute for women and the Dodke Strous Russian Leadership Training Institute for men. Students at both institutions receive 100% scholarships to cover tuition, room and board.

Fenya Krugman Jewish Women's Leadership Institute

Fenya Krugman is a residential school in Jerusalem for college-age women from the former Soviet Union. These young women, prior to getting their university degrees in Russia and the Ukraine, receive a one-year, all expenses paid, intensive Jewish education that prepares them for life as Jewish activists and teachers in their home communities. 

Dodke Strous Russian Leadership Training Institute

Located in Migdal HaEmek, Dodke Strous educates native Russian speakers to become the lay leaders and religious leaders of Russian Jewish communities in the former Soviet Union and throughout Israel. During the High Holy Days, Dodke Strous students return to the FSU where they conduct services and classes in scores of communities. 
Colel Chabad Scholarships at a Glance:
  • Dodke Strous Leadership
  • Fenya Krugman Institute
  • Finger Leadership Institute

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