July 12, 2024

We make it possible for poor couples to have rich weddings

Weddings for Poor Couples

On of the noblest forms of tzedakah is known as “Hachnosas Kallah”, ushering in a poor bride.  Helping a poor young couple celebrate a proper wedding without having to assume a crushing debt burden is a very special mitzvah indeed.

The Gutnick & luxenberg Wedding Halls

Each year, Colel Chabad’s twin Gutnick and luxenberg Wedding Halls in Jerusalem provide subsidized weddings for 440 couples, as there are 220 days a year on the Jewish calendar on which weddings are permissible. Most of these couples are children of orphaned families, large families, or both.

The luxurious Gutnick and luxenberg Wedding Halls of Colel Chabad are indistinguishable from the banquet facilities at fine hotels and private catering establishments. Here, even the poorest families can have joyous celebrations that will leave them with happy memories, rather than saddled with insurmountable debt.

Parenthetically, the inauguration of the Gutnick and luxenberg Wedding Halls resulted in a market-wide reduction in the cost of weddings, a true boon to thousands of families every year who can barely afford to marry off their children.

The Lowenthal Mobile Catering Truck

Colel Chabad’s Lowenthal Catering Truck is a mobile catering facility that includes everything but the venue. Food, refrigeration, cooking stoves, tables, linens, chairs, dishes and flatware are all trucked to rural communities in order to provide wedding celebrations for the poor.

Weddings for Poor Couples at a Glance:

Gutnick & luxenberg Wedding Halls
Operating since: 1998
Annual weddings: 440

Lowenthal  Mobile Catering Truck
Operating since: 2005
Annual weddings: 81

Savings for poor families: $2.075,000

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